Product Supply Coordinator (m/f/x)


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Logistics & Supply Chain, Sales

Brussel, Vlaams-Brabant

Key Responsibilities

  • Maximize product availability to support case fill targets:
    • Drive actions across the supply chain to improve product availability; for example, changes to production plan, faster transit times, efficient booking in, etc.
    • Drive continuous improvement through route cause analysis of low stock incidents
  • Drive efficient stock management ensuring inventory levels meet target levels:
    • Highlight overstocks, identify root causes and drive changes needed to avoid in the future
    • Regular review of stock policy with factories to ensure aligned targets and create a roadmap for optimizing inventory levels
    • Manage the stock age profile on finished goods to minimize best before date issues on delivery preparations
    • Own the product clearance process with sales and customer service
  • Ensure accurate real-time stock picture is available in SAP:
    • Daily clearance of SAP I-doc errors with the 3PLs
  • Drive process improvement to eliminate regular errors

Context and Scope

Maximizing service to customers and minimizing inventory holding are two major focus areas for both the local business unit and wider Mars supply chain. The Product Supply Coordinator role is critical to achieving these two goals across a complex supply network in Europe. The core responsibility of the role is to actively manage finished goods stock levels to minimize the risk of out of stocks impacting customer service and residual stocks impacting Non-Quality Costs (NQCs).

The job holder will produce the daily Product Supply status communication which details low and out of stock items and when product availability will be restored. This involves reviewing stock, production and forecast information to identify product supply risks, then liaise with factories, demand planners, customer service and sales to drive mitigation activities. This daily update on product supply is used throughout the end-to-end supply chain, especially by Customer Service to enable them to manage customer orders and communication. The Product Supply Coordinator will also provide weekly and periodic information on deletions, analyse the root causes and work with the supply chain team on actions to prevent repeat issues.

An additional supply chain objective is to minimize stock holding, whilst protecting customer service, thus minimising cash tied up in inventory. The job holder will work with the factories to ensure that an agreed up-to-date stock policy is in place for all items – therefore requiring an understanding on how stock policies are set and work with the relevant factories to ensure the correct market assumptions are used in the calculations. The Product Supply Coordinator will highlight where there is excess stock holding and provide solutions to reduce it. They will also identify the root cause and recommend changes to ways of working to avoid this situation in the future. Product Supply Coordinator role will play a critical role in the CMOS process, highlighting issues regarding product availability and best way to curse correct it.

Ensuring minimal stock when SKUs are changing or there are stock age profile risks is a key requirement to minimising NQCs and stock levels. The job holder will work with sales, customer service and the demand planner(s) to highlight risk and provide solutions on maximising clearance at full price.

The Product Supply Coordinator is also responsible for ensuring an accurate, real time stock picture is available in SAP. This requires daily monitoring of physical inventory movement errors in Atlas, their timely resolution with 3PLs and factories, and continuous process improvement to remove regularly occurring errors. With the aim of minimising time spent on fixing these problems and maximising focus on supporting customer service levels and inventory targets.

Job Specifications/Qualifications

Education & Professional Qualification

  • Educated to degree level
  • Language skills: Fluent in English (written and oral) plus preferable fluency in relevant local language(s)


  • Good communication skills
  • Good skills related to prioritization and conflict management
  • Analytical skills
  • Comfortable working in a busy operational environment
  • Track record of delivering excellent service to other stakeholders directly
  • Previous experience: experience in similar role is preferable
  • Systems knowledge: experience using SAP / Atlas is preferable, as well as experience of using office productivity software (such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)

Our Customer

Our client is an international well known company active in FMCG.

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